January 2020

Martin Luther King Day

Americans celebrate MLK Day every January of each year. He was a leader and an activist with a mission to defend human rights and to build a "community of lovers" that opposes all forms of discrimination and supports racial equality and coexistence between all.

Meet Your Muslim Neighbor

Muslims in Houston, USA, organized the "Meet your Muslim Neighbor" event that invited residents to learn more about the Muslim culture. The aim was to clarify points of confusion that some exploit to distort the image of Islam.

The Muslim Jesus Campaign!

“The Muslim Jesus” campaign launched in America aims to encourage dialogue between religions with billboards that say "Find Jesus in the Quran, Mohammad in the Bible". The purpose is to show Americans how Jesus was mentioned respectfully in the Quran 25 times.

December 2019

Justice Served for an American Muslim Woman

A court in the state of Minnesota, USA, issued an important ruling in favor of a Muslim woman who was forced to remove her hijab inside a prison for photos. After she was convicted of a traffic violation, she was compensated with 120 thousand dollars.   https://youtu.be/pl8Ph-8rlV4    

November 2019

September 2019

Combating Lies About Islam

The‪ book "Truth About Fear: Combating The Lies About Islam", published by the American author Dr. Charles Kimball, examines misconceptions about Islam that have proliferated in the West. Politicians spread fear about Muslim beliefs for political gain.‬

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