January 2021

Ending the Travel Ban of America

Many US embassies have expressed their happiness that US President Joe Biden ended the travel ban that prevented many Muslims and Africans from traveling to America, as it now welcomes all peoples of all religions and adheres to freedom of belief and tolerance.

December 2020

Muslims in America Hit Record

The participation of Muslims in candidacy and American elections for 2020 hit a record. A recent report revealed that 170 Muslims in 28 states ran for various legislative, executive and judicial bodies; 38% of them won and 84% of Muslim voters in America voted.

Discrimination Against the Muslims of Stafford

  The US Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Stafford County, Virginia, for adopting land policies that make the construction of Islamic cemeteries impossible, which is considered discrimination against a religious minority of 120,000 Muslims in the county.

Muslims in the US Army

Muslims have been in the ranks of the US Army for 245 years, as Corporal Bampett Muhamed was the first Muslim soldier to join the US Army in 1775. In this film, we learn about the number of Muslims in the US army, their positions, and the wars they participated in.

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The Story of Roger II with the Muslims

Roger II, King of Sicily in the 12th century AD, was known for his close relationship with Arabs and Muslims scholars. It reflected a state of coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Sicily, in a period marked by turmoil within Europe.

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