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February 2020

Terrorism Spreads in 17 African Countries

Ambassador, Dr. Nimira Negm, the African Union Legal Counsel, stated that even though the global terrorism index has shown improvement in 21 African countries during the past few months, this has been accompanied by a deterioration in 17 other countries.

Mini Lessons on Islam

The American Pew Research Center launched a new service, which offers mini-lessons that introduce Islam and its beliefs, after discovering that half of Americans and most Europeans know little about Islam.‬ The center relies on its research on the Islamic world.

No Place for Intolerance in Australia

A police officer in Australia faces public demands to be sacked from the New South Wales police, after he appeared in a video berating two Muslim women. The NSW residents launched an electronic petition with thousands of signatures calling for his termination.

Germany Supports Hanau Victims

‪Many German cities witnessed marches, with the participation of the German president. They expressed solidarity with victims of the Hanau shootings, committed by a terrorist belonging to the Extreme Right group, which killed 11 people and wounded others.

The Islamic Marriage Crisis in England

A British court ruled that an Islamic marriage held in accordance with Islamic traditions with Imams of mosques is not legally recognized in England. Therefore, it constitutes a major crisis for thousands of Muslim families who don't have legal marriage contracts.

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