A Muslim Develops a Vaccine for the Coronavirus

From Daily News. Since3 months.2020-11-13T03:14:23+03:0012:43 AM Friday 13 November 2020 / 27 Rabi Al Awwal 1442|

As Muslims are attacked in the Western media and terrorism is deliberately linked to Islam, the Muslim doctor Ugur Sahin stands out for developing a promising coronavirus vaccine, exemplifying the role that Muslims play in the progress of human civilization.

Sahin and his wife Oezlem Tuereci, who are of Turkish origin, lead the research team for a coronavirus vaccine through their company, BioNTech, with U.S. partner Pfizer Inc. The vaccine has proven its effectiveness at a rate of 90% after it was tested on 43,500 volunteers.

Sahin, a 55-year-old Muslim doctor, immigrated with his father as a child from Turkey to Germany, before he began studying medicine in Hamburg. He met his Turkish wife Oezlem there and established their company, whose vaccine is expected to contribute to saving humanity globally.

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