Sawt Alhikma: EC Programs Have Raised Awareness of the Seriousness of Islamophobia

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“Swat Alhikma” Center of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation praises the successes achieved by the community project (COPE) funded by the European Commission, which carries the slogan “Look for similarities, not differences. Together against Islamophobia”, and comes as one of the projects of the European Union program “Rights, Equality and Citizenship.”

The Center believes that this distinguished project, which is undertaken by a team that includes three cultural organizations from Austria, Poland and Slovakia, has been able, during the past months, to effectively contribute to raising awareness of the seriousness of Islamophobia in Europe and enhancing understanding and dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The Center affirms that the methods and means used by the project in achieving its lofty goals are able to contribute to reducing the rates of attacks against Muslims in Europe. The project sought to create an environment that promotes dialogue between those who are ignorant of Islam or adopt negative ideas about it and Muslims themselves, through successful societal measures, such as cultural meetings, workshops, podcasts, and trainings, in addition to the support it provides to survivors of hate crimes and training of those at risk on how to cope.

Sawt Alhikma Center also commends the special attention the project pays to the situation of Muslim women in the European Union countries, who are considered to be the most affected by the hateful manifestations of Islamophobia, as the intolerance, discrimination and hatred that Muslim women are subjected to are transforming their lives into tragedy and danger recurring on a daily basis.

In conclusion, Sawt Alhikma Center expresses its full support for project (COPE) and the efforts of the European Commission to build European societies free from Islamophobia, hoping to see more inspiring experiences in this regard to help Muslims in all countries of the world live freely and peacefully.

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