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January 2020

Rosie Gabrielle Converts to Islam

The Canadian traveler and adventurer, Rosie Gabrielle, announced her conversion to Islam after her visit to Pakistan, stating that she found peace and love in Islam. She asked her followers to learn about Islam and revealed her plans to perform Hajj next year.

Martin Luther King Day

Americans celebrate MLK Day every January of each year. He was a leader and an activist with a mission to defend human rights and to build a "community of lovers" that opposes all forms of discrimination and supports racial equality and coexistence between all.

Meet Your Muslim Neighbor

Muslims in Houston, USA, organized the "Meet your Muslim Neighbor" event that invited residents to learn more about the Muslim culture. The aim was to clarify points of confusion that some exploit to distort the image of Islam.

The Muslim Jesus Campaign!

“The Muslim Jesus” campaign launched in America aims to encourage dialogue between religions with billboards that say "Find Jesus in the Quran, Mohammad in the Bible". The purpose is to show Americans how Jesus was mentioned respectfully in the Quran 25 times.

Remembering the British Writer Hassan Abdul Hakeem

These days commemorate the birth of a British Muslim writer and diplomat, Gai Eaton (Hassan Abdul Hakeem), whose writings contributed to introducing the Britons to the truth of Islam, correcting misconceptions of Islam, and spreading it among the British elite.

Sawt Al-Hikma 2020 Short Film Competition

Sawt Al-Hikma Center, affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, believes in the youth’s capabilities and creative energies, and it desires to provide a platform for them to publish the products of their talents. Therefore, the center has announced the launch of the second season of its short film competition with the main theme “Merciful Among Themselves”. It invites young people from different countries around the world to participate and contribute to spreading awareness about the tolerance of Islam and the beauty of its teachings. The participants are to correct the false stereotypes about Islam by presenting short films that ... Read More

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