December 2020

“Handcuff and Slaughter Them”

The terrorist organization, Boko Haram, slaughtered 43 farmers and wounded 6 others, who were working to feed their children, near the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri two days ago, based on an adopted policy to "handcuff and slaughter them."

November 2020

November 2018

The Love Story Between Engineering and Terrorism!

Extremist and Jihadist groups suffer of a chronic problem that causes a great rift between their ideology and to what extent does that doctrine concord with the true teachings of the Islamic religion. This ideological and historical dilemma stems from the fact that most leaders and ideologues in such movements are non-specialists in Sharia and Islamic studies, and don’t in the first place possess sufficiently extensive knowledge in the studies of the Quran and Sunnah which they are supposed to base their fatwas of legalizing bloodshed on. What troubles me is always wondering about why didn’t any senior scholars of ... Read More

June 2018

The Month of Peace, Tolerance and Civilization Building

The terrorist groups have accustomed us to killing and bombing in the holy month of Ramadan. With the arrival of the holy month, Daesh has been quick to remind us of its despicable atrocities by the suicide bombing of all the members of three families, young and old, in churches of the city of Surabaya, Indonesia. We have not forgotten the extent of Daesh’s madness when it targeted the Great Mosque of Mecca in Ramadan 2017, and its failed attempt to target the fasting Muslims in the Haram Al-Madinah in Ramadan in 2016. Since Daesh, Muslims have witnessed countless bloody ... Read More

April 2018

Saudi Arabia and the Vatican preach message of peace and tolerance

There is no doubt the meeting between King Salman and Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, in Riyadh last week was historic. Although the late King Abdullah held a groundbreaking meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in 2007 — the first time a Saudi ruler had met with a pope in the Vatican — the official visit of Cardinal Tauran was the first to Saudi Arabia by a senior Catholic figure. The meeting emphasized the importance of the role of followers of religions in renouncing violence and achieving stability, which was also the message stressed during ... Read More

March 2018

And for that He created them

Statistics indicate that three-quarters of the conflicts that have erupted among people are of intellectual and cultural origins, which arose due to linguistic, religious, cultural or ethnic differences among human groups. These conflicts also erupted due to sensitivities and fanaticism that led to frequent clashes that characterized the history of man on the planet, prompting some pessimistic historians to describe the history of man as merely a history of wars. Lawrence H. Keeley, mentions in his book “War Before Civilization”, that nearly 90-95% of societies known throughout history have participated at least in one war, and that most people have ... Read More

How our Salaf Debated with the Kharijites

Islamic heritage books is full of stories and debates which were held by early Kharijites, who appeared during the first century of Islam. Among the most famous debates were the ones held by Abdullah Bin Abbas and Omar Bin Abdulaziz. These two debates were the most famous to the extent they over shadowed other debates, in which scholars sat approaches based on the teachings of Al-Quran, to debunk the claims of Kharijites. One of these debates was between Wahb Ibn Munabbih and a man called Zu Khawlan from Yemen, who showed sympathy with the Kharijites, paying them their compulsory annual ... Read More

February 2018

Has the time not come for those radicals that their hearts should become humbly submissive to the mercy of Islam?

All religions go through situations of distress and ruthlessness, strength, deflation, centrality and militancy, as they are systems of universal values for vast numbers of people who differ in their environments, cultures, and intellectual and social backgrounds. Therefore, religious values remain the same in their sacred texts, but differ in their applications and directions from one environment to another, from one society to another, and from one time to another, due to the factors influencing human beings seeking these texts. As the case in Judaism, Christianity and all other religions, Islam was plagued by a group of followers who understood ... Read More

Islam and Christianity in the Middle East: A Firm Historical Brotherhood

The New Year's celebrations in Bethlehem often bring back memories of the peaceful coexistence between the Christians of Palestine and the Middle East with their Muslim brethren. The mass services attended by Muslims and Christians mark a shared vision of peace, understanding, and compassion. It is a welcome refuge from a contemporary world torn apart by conflict, extremism, closed-mindedness, exclusivity, intimidation and Islamophobia. There is a historical coexistence that began after the Islamic conquests. It is a unique case of inter-religious relations formulated based on the Eastern mentality of compassionate hosting. This philosophical and social oriental pattern, which accepts diversity ... Read More

January 2018

Terrorism Never Nest Where Integration is Successful.

The issue of integration of Muslims in Western societies is the most important practical means in the process of communication and civilizational coexistence. It conveys the philosophy of coexistence from the mere scientific and academic discussion to the level of daily life. Through it, the European Christian stands on the truth of Islam and Muslims. The Muslim also knows the philosophy and spirit of the Western societies. It is noted that the process of integration of Muslims in their European societies, especially the first generation of migrants, for many reasons, including language and level of education, was not smooth, yet ... Read More

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The Story of Roger II with the Muslims

Roger II, King of Sicily in the 12th century AD, was known for his close relationship with Arabs and Muslims scholars. It reflected a state of coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Sicily, in a period marked by turmoil within Europe.

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