February 2021

Slaughtering Cattle in Flanders

Muslim groups of Flanders in Belgium are dissatisfied with the recent restrictions issued by the authorities on cattle slaughtering. They imposed the use of electrocution before the slaughter, which is contrary to Islamic Halal methods.

January 2021

Wallonia lifts off “Hijab” ban

The Wallonia region in Belgium announced that starting from next September all the bans on wearing religious symbols in universities, including hijab, will be lifted off. That is considered a major triumph by anti Islamophobia groups and Muslim women in Belgium.

September 2020

Muslim Women Crises in Belgium

A report about Islamophobia in Belgium revealed that 90% of their victims of Islamophobia are Muslim women. They are subjected to discrimination, hate crimes and harassment on a regular basis in the workplace, which caused 96 cases to be filed during 2019.

December 2019

Muslim Soldiers of the First World War

The Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation in Belgium has revealed the role of Muslim soldiers who participated in the First World War. The foundation seeks to address the increasing hostility towards Western Muslims by publishing stories about their heroic acts.

Belgium Eliminates ISIS Online

The Belgian prosecutor announced that Belgium eliminated the presence of ISIS online after several strikes against the terrorist organization's activities, which resulted in the removal of thousands of sites, links, and chat rooms through which they were active.

September 2019

Belgian City of Mechelen

Recent reports indicate that none of the 86,000 residents of Mechelen traveled to fight with terrorist groups during the past years. It is one of the few European cities that combated extremism through integration and coexistence.   https://youtu.be/CdunyCUCq-8    

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