January 2020

Petersburg Mosque in Russia

It was forbidden to pray in ‪the St. Petersburg Mosque in Russia, the largest mosque in Europe, for nearly 16 years. Built in 1913, the mosque is characterized by its blue mosaic dome. It now accomodates nearly 5000 worshippers.‬

December 2019

The Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali

The Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali is one of the most prominent landmarks of Islamic architecture with an African character. First built in the 13th century with mud-brick, it was rebuilt in 1907. Its current area is more than 5,000 squared meters.

The Floating Mosque

‪The Floating Mosque, in South Sulawesi Province in Indonesia, is located in the water near Losari Beach. It has three floors accommodating 500 worshippers and has become a major tourist destination with a unique view of the sea.‬

November 2019

Reykjavik Mosque

Reykjavik Mosque was built a few years ago and has undergone several expansions. On November 22, 2019 a minaret was installed for the mosque, which, despite its simplicity, is the first minaret of its kind in the history of Islam in Iceland.

Zahir Mosque in Kedah

Zahir Mosque in Kedah, built in 1912, is adorned with five big domes symbolizing the five pillars of Islam. It is one of the most prominent architectural monuments in Malaysia and is ranked as one of the ten most beautiful mosques in the world.

October 2019

‪Badshahi Mosque

‪Badshahi Mosque, the most prominent archaeological landmark in Lahore, Pakistan, was built in 1673 and was the largest mosque in the world at the time! It can accommodate 150,000 worshippers, and receives thousands of tourists every year.

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Marmaduke Pickthall.. How did they convert to Islam?

Marmaduke Pickthall was born in London in 1875 to a Christian family affiliated with William the Conqueror. His father died when he was five years old. He became familiar with Islam while he was working as a journalist in the Middle East.

The Qalawun Bimaristan in Cairo (Infographic)

After 7 centuries have passed since its establishment, what is remarkable about the Qalawun Bimaristan in Cairo is that they practice medicine today. It is one of the oldest medical facilities in the world that still serves patients.

Muhammad Asad.. How did they convert to Islam?

Muhammad Asad was born in Austria in 1990 to a Jewish family and named Leopold Weiss. He studied philosophy and arts at the University of Vienna, and he worked and excelled in journalism before being invited to join relatives in Jerusalem.

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