July 2021

Muslims of Maharashtra, India

After restricting performing Hajj to the residents of KSA, Muslims in Maharashtra, India announced they will spend the money they saved to perform Hajj in charitable works, like helping Covid-19 victims and the unemployed, providing food and supporting hospitals.

June 2021

April 2021

March 2021

“Sawt Alhikma” Commends the Efforts of Muslim Communities to Confront Rumors about Covid-19 Vaccines

Sawt Alhikma Center of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation commended the efforts exerted  by a number of leaders of Muslim communities in countries of the Western world, to confront the rumors that have spread recently about Covid-19 vaccines, which claimed that the vaccines do not suit Muslims or are forbidden under Islamic law.

Sri Lanka’s Consent Is Incomplete

Despite the government's retreat and the lifting of the ban on burning corona virus victims, Sri Lanka continues to face criticism for its decision to allocate a 1 km2 remote island for burial, which is what Muslims considered an insult and called to protest against this decision.

February 2021

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