October 2021

The «dark web»

The websites we browse daily make up only 4% of the internet, while the remaining part form what is known as the «deep web», and its most dangerous part is the «dark web». This video shows what the dark web is and how it has become a key tool for terrorism. https://youtu.be/kJCVi6KZ_N0

August 2021

Cryptocurrency and terrorism

Terrorists have always sought to finance their criminal activities secretly, which they found in cryptocurrencies as they provide a fertile environment for those who work outside the framework of the law. Have the cons of cryptocurrencies overweighed their pros?! https://youtu.be/qXQ6lesfwEI

July 2021

August 2019


Do you know that harmful usage of the internet and digital technology could contribute to spreading terrorism and extremism? If you disagree, watch this video!   https://youtu.be/ERQyAHzeieY?list=UUl0G20cosRbDkiTyWiLUn7w      

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