May 2020

March 2020

February 2020

The Islamic Marriage Crisis in England

A British court ruled that an Islamic marriage held in accordance with Islamic traditions with Imams of mosques is not legally recognized in England. Therefore, it constitutes a major crisis for thousands of Muslim families who don't have legal marriage contracts.

January 2020

Remembering the British Writer Hassan Abdul Hakeem

These days commemorate the birth of a British Muslim writer and diplomat, Gai Eaton (Hassan Abdul Hakeem), whose writings contributed to introducing the Britons to the truth of Islam, correcting misconceptions of Islam, and spreading it among the British elite.

Muslim Map of Poland

A Polish couple has launched an interactive map that focuses on all aspects of Islamic culture in Poland and the history of Muslims in many Polish cities, to provide for the Poles accurate information about Muslims rather than the misconceptions spread about them.

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