October 2021

«The Big Green Week»

300 UK mosques and Islamic centres participated in «The Big Green Week», launched in September each year, to raise awareness on global warming and environmental problems. Mosques across the UK have used Friday sermons to urge communities to act on climate change.

September 2021

Tears of a British Muslim MP

British Muslim MP Zara Sultana gave a moving, tearful speech at the Parliament about racism against Muslims and what she has faced because of being a Muslim woman, criticizing the "official disregard" for Islamophobia, which contributes to spreading hatred. https://youtu.be/22Mvts_gVlQ

August 2021

The future of Islamic banking

Recent studies and surveys have revealed that the Islamic banking market has enjoyed greater growth over the past years in various countries of the world, even in non-Islamic countries, what contributed to a rise in assets, with many young people adopting it. https://youtu.be/wC9yjZpqkKI

Muslim Golf Association in England

SM users in England praised founding "The Muslim Golf Association” by some players, with the aim of providing an appropriate environment that helps Muslims practice golf without being obliged to do any practices that may violate their religious commitment.

July 2021

Respecting the rights of Muslim athletes

A non-profit organization announced that 5 English clubs signed up to a recently launched charter to protect the rights of Muslim athletes and respect their beliefs, amid welcome from the players who confirmed that they suffered at times because of being Muslims. https://youtu.be/a08baweDe0I

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