December 2021

November 2021

Johnson accused of ignoring Muslims

British MPs accused PM Boris Johnson of ignoring Muslims as he has not responded to a call for action on Islamophobia for a year. An MP wrote to the PM in November 2020 warning of rising hate crime and questioning the government’s inaction in tackling the issue.

October 2021

Muslim university students in the UK

The UK government’s "Student Loans System" is facing criticism for being discriminatory against Muslims, as it offers loans with interest forbidden in Islam, which leads many Muslims to reject it and become unable to attend university in the absence of alternatives.

«The Big Green Week»

300 UK mosques and Islamic centres participated in «The Big Green Week», launched in September each year, to raise awareness on global warming and environmental problems. Mosques across the UK have used Friday sermons to urge communities to act on climate change.

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