November 2021

April 2021

Sawt Alhikma: EC Programs Have Raised Awareness of the Seriousness of Islamophobia

"Swat Alhikma" Center of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation praises the successes achieved by the community project (COPE) funded by the European Commission, which carries the slogan "Look for similarities, not differences. Together against Islamophobia", and comes as one of the projects of the European Union program “Rights, Equality and Citizenship." The Center believes that this distinguished project, which is undertaken by a team that includes three cultural organizations from Austria, Poland and Slovakia, has been able, during the past months, to effectively contribute to raising awareness of the seriousness of Islamophobia in Europe and enhancing understanding and dialogue between ... Read More

March 2021

“Sawt Alhikma” Commends the Efforts of Muslim Communities to Confront Rumors about Covid-19 Vaccines

Sawt Alhikma Center of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation commended the efforts exerted  by a number of leaders of Muslim communities in countries of the Western world, to confront the rumors that have spread recently about Covid-19 vaccines, which claimed that the vaccines do not suit Muslims or are forbidden under Islamic law.

“Find Similarities”

A recently launched campaign entitled, "Look for similarities, not differences," which is funded by the European Commission, aims to reduce Islamophobia in Europe by presenting entertaining illustrations that show what Muslims and non-Muslims have in common.

February 2021

Islamic Cultural Roots in Europe

Tharik Hussain's book, Minarets in the Mountains, traces Europe's historical Islamic heritage refuting the assumptions that European Muslim indigenous people didn't exist. He toured Europe exploring the roots of Muslim populations that date back centuries.

January 2021

122 Attacks on German Mosques

Civil organizations in Europe noted that the mosques in Germany were subjected to 122 attacks in 2020. The indicators of violence towards German Muslims, comprising around 4.5 million people, have shown continuous increase during the past 6 years.

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