January 2021

122 Attacks on German Mosques

Civil organizations in Europe noted that the mosques in Germany were subjected to 122 attacks in 2020. The indicators of violence towards German Muslims, comprising around 4.5 million people, have shown continuous increase during the past 6 years.

December 2020

Muslims in European Governments

Despite Islamophobia, Muslims have earned high-profile positions in European governments. In the following video, we learn about how many Muslims are in these governments and how countries deal with the right of Muslims to be represented in leadership positions.

November 2020

The Prevalence of Islam in Europe (Infographic)

A recent study suggested that many European countries may become Muslim majority within the next 200 years, as a result of the rise in the Muslim birth rate and the increase in refugee migration, but that depends on the ability of Muslims to coexist and integrate into their European societies and achieve lasting stability.

Negative Consequences of the Nice Attack

The Nice Attack reveals that Muslims are the most affected by terrorism, as European countries began deporting immigrants from the Middle East. Western countries advised their Muslim citizens to avoid going to specific countries in Europe for fear of harassment.

October 2020

Fascist Police in Europe

The security services in Europe are facing a major crisis after discovering that some of their security personnel belong to fascists and Nazis, who are planning to commit violent acts against Muslims and immigrants. How will Europe address this dangerous crisis?

The Term “Criticism of Islam”

The German historian Wolfgang Benz said in press statements that many of those who use the term "criticism of Islam" in Europe, and claim to do so scientifically, usually conceal anti-Muslim attitudes and favor stereotypes instead of remaining impartial.

September 2020

Offending Millions on Muslims

Within one week, Europe witnessed three unfortunate incidents targeting Islam. The Quran was burned in Sweden and torn up in Norway, and cartoons were published to insult the Prophet in France. These acts done by advocates of extremism offended many Muslims.

June 2020

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