March 2021

France Bans Halal Slaughter of Poultry

  Several mosques in France criticized the new regulations set by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food to ban the slaughter of poultry in line with Islamic principles, as it "sends a negative message to the Muslim community in the country ahead of Ramadan."

France.. Prayers Are Forbidden during Work Hours

  A French Muslim expects the court’s judgment in a lawsuit he filed in France after being fired from his job at CDG Airport for praying at work, which the officials viewed as a “serious radicalization”. His lawyer said that anti-Muslim campaigns led to the decision.

February 2021

December 2020

Halal Food in French Schools

  The Supreme Court in France has ruled that providing pork-free meals for Muslim students does not conflict with the principle of secularism. The ruling comes in response to a complaint filed by the Muslim students' guardians.

November 2020

Prejudice Against Muslims

After the Nice Attack, Muslims of France were blamed for every crime even before the details were revealed. The strongest evidence of this is found in the Avignon and Lyon incidents, which showed that Muslims were victims, not perpetrators.

September 2020

Offending Millions on Muslims

Within one week, Europe witnessed three unfortunate incidents targeting Islam. The Quran was burned in Sweden and torn up in Norway, and cartoons were published to insult the Prophet in France. These acts done by advocates of extremism offended many Muslims.

May 2020

February 2020

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