September 2021

Economic boycott of Indian Muslims

Far-right extremists coordinated a campaign on social networks and TV channels, calling for an economic boycott of Muslims in all states of India. Analysts warned of the serious consequences of such calls on India’s economy which is already suffering due to the pandemic.

August 2021

Efficiency of Muslim Students in India

Muslim students received most scholarships offered to minorities in India (76% 2018-2021). Officials attributed this to the fact that scholarships are awarded based on educational competence, which refutes reports that questioned the competence of Muslim students.

July 2021

Fake videos about Indian Muslims

A widely circulated video showing Indian Muslims assaulting policemen proved to be an old video recording a different incident and no Muslim appeared in it! The video is part of a wave of fake videos to stir up hatred against India's Muslims.

Muslims of Maharashtra, India

After restricting performing Hajj to the residents of KSA, Muslims in Maharashtra, India announced they will spend the money they saved to perform Hajj in charitable works, like helping Covid-19 victims and the unemployed, providing food and supporting hospitals.

June 2021

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