June 2021

March 2021

A New Book Traces the History of Islam in India

  Ghazala Wahab's book, Born A Muslim, explores the history of Islam in India, and the lives of Indian Muslims over the years. The author indicates that Islam arrived in India through Muslim merchants, who relied on love and brotherhood to spread their religion.

“Drinking Water Is not a Crime”

A Hindu temple in Ghaziabad, India, witnessed a shocking incident after a disciple of the head priest’s assaulted a Muslim boy for drinking water from the temple’s tap, prompting police to arrest the aggressor and the person who recorded the video of the assault.

January 2021

Fear Among the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh

Reports state that the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh in India fear the outbreak of a new wave of sectarian violence because of campaigns for building a hindu temple over the ancient Babri mosque, which involved raising provocative slogans to incite hate against Muslims.

Teaching Islam Is Forbidden in Assam

  The state of Assam in India will convert its Islamic schools to a government-run system. The schools will from then on be banned from teaching the Quran or Islamic history. This will affect thousands of Muslim families that are 35% of the population.

December 2020

“India has become a dangerous place for Muslims”

A recent human rights report revealed that policies adopted by the Hindu majority in India increased pressure on Muslims. India has become a dangerous place for the Muslim minority, as millions of Indian Muslims are being threatened with losing their citizenship.

November 2020

Muslim Education in India (Infographic)

Muslims in India suffer from their educational conditions. Despite being the largest religious minority in the country, Muslim families face difficult circumstances that deprive their children from education, negatively affecting their human development status.

October 2020

There Is No Place for Muslims in Mumbai

Many Muslims in India were shocked to reveal that the Hindu population in Mumbai does not allow Muslims in their neighborhoods or allow brokers to rent out homes to Muslims, except for poor neighborhoods that rent out modest homes that lack the most basic services.

July 2020

Charity from Punjab Muslims to a Sikh Temple

Muslims in Malerkotla in the Indian state of Punjab donated 330 kantars of wheat to a charitable kitchen of a Sikh temple. On this occasion, the temple provided free food to people regardless of their religion and color; Muslims supported their societal mission.

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