November 2020

The Prevalence of Islam in Europe (Infographic)

A recent study suggested that many European countries may become Muslim majority within the next 200 years, as a result of the rise in the Muslim birth rate and the increase in refugee migration, but that depends on the ability of Muslims to coexist and integrate into their European societies and achieve lasting stability.

Muslim Education in India (Infographic)

Muslims in India suffer from their educational conditions. Despite being the largest religious minority in the country, Muslim families face difficult circumstances that deprive their children from education, negatively affecting their human development status.

October 2020

September 2020

Teaching Islam in Catalonia (Infographic)

The Spanish region of Catalonia decided to embark on an experimental plan to teach the Islamic religion in public schools in preparation for generalizing the experience at all stages of education later and in recognition of the right of Muslim students to obtain religious education.  

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Islam and Hinduism in Bangladesh

The Sawt Alhikma Center kicks off the Alhikma films campaign with a documentary from Bangladesh about students of an Islamic school in Chittagong who formed a human chain to protect the Hindu temple adjacent to their school from attacks.

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