August 2020

July 2020

Door of the Holy Kaaba (Infographic)

The current door of the Kaaba is one of the most prominent examples of Islamic art produced in the modern era, and the most valuable in terms of art and spirituality. Its golden color captivates the heart of anyone who sees it.

Islam in British Universities (Infographic)

Several British universities witnessed a debate about equality and non-discrimination between students on the basis of religion, after a study revealed that anti-terrorism policies within universities marginalize Muslim students and limit their right to freedom of expression.

June 2020

May 2020

Al-Nuri Bimaristan in Damascus (Infographic)

Al-Nur Bimaristan in Damascus was one of the most important Islamic hospitals known to Muslims. Many patients from different countries of the Islamic world used to visit it. It provided its services for several centuries until a new hospital was built in Damascus.

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Muslim Map of Poland

A Polish couple has launched an interactive map that focuses on all aspects of Islamic culture in Poland and the history of Muslims in many Polish cities, to provide for the Poles accurate information about Muslims rather than the misconceptions spread about them.

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