January 2020

December 2019

ISIS ruins in the Middle East (Infographic)

Despite the hits that the ISIS terrorist group has received in the past months, its remnants are still spread among many cities in the Middle East. They are seeking financing to revive their collapsed caliphate and continue their crimes against innocent people.  

Al-Hol Camp and ISIS Crisis (Infographic)

Al-Hol camp, one of the largest refugee camps, consists of 72000 displaced people, mostly women and children. International reports suggest that some ISIS women members want to carry out terrorist attacks in compliance with the requests of the leaders of the collapsing organization.  

Terrorism and the Global Economy (Infographic)

International reports revealed that the negative effects of terrorism cost the world economy $33 billion in 2019 alone. Terrorist operations cause the loss of economic profits worth billions of dollars annually, waste productivity, and lead to spending billions to address armed violence.  

Anjem Choudary: Imam of Terror (Infographic)

Anjem Choudary is considered the spiritual father of the extremist Osman Khan who carried out the London Bridge attack. He contributed to the establishment of several banned terrorist groups, and he was involved in 15 terrorist plots under the banner of ISIS, Syria.  

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