April 2021

March 2021

“Information Jihad” (Infographic)

A recent study by Jamileh Kadivar from the University of Westminster revealed how ISIS used Social Media to serve its terrorist goals, stating that ISIS viewed the Media as more powerful than military operations and called its SM activities as "information jihad."

February 2021

ISIS Defeat Isn’t Complete

The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS stated that the terrorist organization is regionally defeated and can't hold any territories in Syria or Iraq. However, they remain a threat as they still carry out terrorist attacks.

How Does ISIS Buy Weapons? (Infographic)

An international investigation revealed the methods applied by ISIS to obtain weapons. They use a wide network of intermediaries that disintegrated after the organization's collapse in 2019. This reveal should eventually lead to the elimination of the organization.  

ISIS Still Threatens Iraq

Study made by the European Center for Counterterrorism revealed the military operations conducted by the international community didn't achieve its goal of wiping out ISIS in Iraq, pointing that the recent crimes committed by ISIS prove they are still a threat.

January 2021

ISIS Is Still Alive

The terrorist group ISIS insists on proving its presence by committing bloody crimes that leave behind many victims, the most recent being an attack on a mine in Pakistan that resulted in the death of 11 workers. Action is needed to permanently destroy ISIS.

November 2020

ISIS Beatles Cell

The Beatles is one of the most famous English rock bands in the last century, but it has been associated with one of the most dangerous ISIS cells, which includes 4 Britons known for slaughtering hostages! This film shows the formation of this cell and its end.

ISIS in Mozambique

The ISIS criminals slaughtered 50 people in the Muslim-majority province of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique, in a soccer field they turned into an execution square. The extremist group fights over the wealth of the country rich in rubies and gas with horrific attacks.

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