January 2021

Teaching Islam Is Forbidden in Assam

  The state of Assam in India will convert its Islamic schools to a government-run system. The schools will from then on be banned from teaching the Quran or Islamic history. This will affect thousands of Muslim families that are 35% of the population.

October 2020

Islam in Western Media

The British Guardian newspaper stated in a report, that Islam on TV in Western countries is still deficient, as the media's view of Islam is limited to terrorism and women. The newspaper expressed a need for more depth to avoid dangerous stereotypes about Muslims.

September 2020

Islam and the Australian Aborigines

In the burial ceremonies followed by the aborigines of Australia, "Mimpi Walitha" is a term that the inhabitants use to refer to the divine self. It is one of the manifestations of Islamic influence prevalent in the indigenous culture of Australia today.

August 2020

July 2020

June 2020

Respect for the Elderly

On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we remember the Prophet's (PBUH) commandments about respecting the elderly, being kind to them, caring for their rights, and providing amenities for them. Whoever honors the elderly is rewarded in this world and the hereafter.

Colombians Accept Islam

The director of the Al-Qurtubi Institute in Bogota, Elias Marzouki, revealed a recent increased interest in Islam among the youth in Colombia. The institute receives many students wanting to convert to Islam. Why is there an interest in Islam among Colombians?

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The Story of Roger II with the Muslims

Roger II, King of Sicily in the 12th century AD, was known for his close relationship with Arabs and Muslims scholars. It reflected a state of coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Sicily, in a period marked by turmoil within Europe.

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