September 2020

August 2020

Expulsion of a Racist Writer

Germany's center-left Social Democrats expelled the writer, Thilo Sarrazin, from its ranks after it was proven that he published anti-Islam ideas and incited hatred against Muslims. He published many books about how Islam poses a threat to Germany.

June 2020

May 2020

Protecting the Muslims of Germany

The German President, Frank Steinmeier, congratulated Muslims on Eid Alfitr and pledged to continue his efforts to combat Islamophobia. He believes the protection of Muslims is the state's duty, and Germany should never accept violent attacks against Muslims.

Muslim Women in Scotland

Statistics show that three quarters of Muslim women in Scotland suffered due to Islamophobia, and that the majority of them were subjected to verbal abuse or discrimination in the workplace, educational institutions, and public places due to wearing Hijab.

April 2020

Vicarious Trauma

Researchers at the University of Sussex, who were studying the impact of hate crimes on Muslims, did not expect their findings to be mentioned in a 1,400-year-old Hadith! In a film produced by Sawt Alhikma, we learn about how this Hadith was proven to be a scientific fact.

March 2020

Sawt Al-Hikma Launches a Campaign to Collect Signatures for the United Nations to Adopt the International Solidarity Day Against Islamophobia

Official statistics issued by international organizations has revealed the frightening development of the Islamophobia phenomenon worldwide, especially in countries with Muslim minorities. The anti-Muslim attacks and sentiments have increased, and they pose an imminent threat to the lives of many members of these minorities. The Sawt Al-Hikma Center, affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, recognizes the seriousness of this phenomenon and the necessity of an international action to address it. For this reason, they decided to launch a global campaign to collect electronic signatures to raise international public awareness and to ask the United Nations organization to adopt March ... Read More

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ISIS Secret Library

After the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi last year, researchers discovered short links, spread through social networks, leading to a giant and secret electronic library and considered it a ticking time bomb! What is the story of this deadly library?!

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