January 2020

Muslims in Luxembourg

An opinion poll revealed that the 20,000 Muslims in Luxembourg have succeeded in integrating into society, despite the prevalence of Islamophobia. They didn’t respond to provocation and showed the true face of Islam through coexistence and neighborliness.‬

December 2019

Un politicien néerlandais incite à la haine

Le député néerlandais d’extrême droite Geert Wilders a relancé un concours de caricatures du prophète (PSL), plus d’un an après avoir annulé sa première tentative suite à des critiques à son encontre pour avoir incité et cultivé la haine entre les religions.

Islamophobia Is Extruding German Muslims

‪The German government recognized that 187 Islamophobia crimes were recorded in Germany during the end of 2019. 8 people were injured, and 8 people were arrested for the 25 crimes targeting mosques. The final number will increase after adding more unrecorded crimes‬

How Do You Face Hate Attacks?

The reaction of both victims and witnesses to hate crimes and Islamophobia determines how widely these attacks spread. This prompted the Australian The Conversation website to publish advice on how to deal with such crimes, which may eventually deter the aggressors.

November 2019

All-American Muslim Girl

Nadine Courtney recently published a book named All-American Muslim Girl about her experiences with Islamophobia, racial discrimination, and identity problems in American society. She recounts the difficulties faced by Muslim women in the United States.

A British Priest’s Suspension

The British pastor, Richard Cameron, was suspended from his post after describing terrorism as “a problem Islam needs to deal with” on his social media account. The church considered that the pastor used social media to incite Islamophobia and spread hatred.

October 2019

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