October 2021

September 2021

Islamophobia and artificial intelligence

Researchers at Stanford University, USA, found that AI systems used in generating written content produce highly racist texts against Muslims and adopt Islamophobic discourses. The researchers called for refining these systems or they will get out of control. https://youtu.be/rhLoinNY8Lo

Hijab and public jobs in India

Applications of over 1,000 Muslim girls were rejected by the West Bengal Police Recruitment Board (WBPRB) in India because of wearing hijabs in the attached photos. The candidates said that the WBPRB is depriving them of their constitutional and religious rights.

Muslims in Chile

Recent social studies said that the practices of Muslims in Chile and their charitable and community activities contributed to increasing their presence and numbers, in the light of the low rates of Islamophobia and the spread of a positive view of Muslims. https://youtu.be/OIV_F5LoaeY

Tears of a British Muslim MP

British Muslim MP Zara Sultana gave a moving, tearful speech at the Parliament about racism against Muslims and what she has faced because of being a Muslim woman, criticizing the "official disregard" for Islamophobia, which contributes to spreading hatred. https://youtu.be/22Mvts_gVlQ

Western literature spreads Islamophobia

American author Audrey Farley said that Western literature books that dealt with the Islamic world in recent decades presented a negative stereotype about Islam. That representation contributed to spreading Islamophobia and was exploited for political purposes.

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