January 2021

November 2020

Muslims Are Buried in Japan

About 230,000 Muslims in Japan face an unconventional crisis, represented in the scarcity and erosion of places where it is permitted to bury their dead according to Islamic law. This forces them to resort to church or temple graves to bury their deceased relatives.

September 2020

Islamic Initiative in Tsukuba

The University of Tsukuba of Japan launched an initiative to spread coexistence and tolerance among its students, by sending 40 of them to visit the Tsukuba Mosque to learn about Islam and their Muslim neighbors. It aims to expand the initiative to various mosques.  

February 2020

Mobile Mosques for the Olympics in Tokyo

A new project was launched in Tokyo, Japan, which aims to provide mobile mosques (trucks) during the Olympics 2020 next August. The project aims to cater to Muslim athletes and spectators; prayer spaces for people of different religions will also be provided.

October 2019

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