July 2021

February 2021

November 2020

A Muslim in the Parliament of Myanmar

Young Muslim Sithu Maung won a seat in the Parliament of Myanmar, with 80% of the vote in his Yangon constituency. He is the first Muslim to enter the Burmese Parliament in years. He pledged to eradicate discrimination and help those deprived of human rights.

July 2020

Burmese Muslim U Razak

Myanmar celebrates Martyrs' Day on July 19th each year to commemorate the leaders who were killed in 1947. Among the founders of modern Myanmar was a Muslim leader who died before fulfilling his dream of building a society based on coexistence between Muslims and Buddhists.

Escaping Ethnic Cleansing

A few days ago, Rakhine State residents in Myanmar were warned of the army's plans to carry out an ethnic cleansing operation against Rohingya Muslim minorities, which forced at least 10,000 people to flee their homes before the widespread violence arrived.

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