November 2021

Islamic history in 3D in the Netherlands

The Islam Experience Centre (IXC) in the Netherlands organized an innovative initiative to introduce Islam through virtual reality. Via 3D glasses, pupils and students are introduced to various important locations, inventions and religious core values from Islam.

December 2019

Islamic Schools in the Netherlands

Official statistics say that the number of students enrolled in Islamic schools in the Netherlands has increased by 61% over the past ten years, reaching more than 15,000 students under the age of 12, and distributed over 54 schools funded by the Dutch government.

October 2019

Call to Prayer in Amsterdam

The Blue Mosque in Amsterdam has amplified the call to prayer using loudspeakers during Friday prayers for the first time in the city's history. This initiative will strengthen the values of coexistence and respect for other religions.

Islam Wins Over Its Enemies

Many view the story of Joram van Clavern as evidence of the divine power in a true religion that drives its most formidable enemies to believe in him when they learn about the Prophet (PBUH)’s character and biography through reliable sources.

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