September 2021

February 2021

A New Crime by Boko Haram

Kidnapping is the new terrorizing weapon of Boko Haram. After kidnapping 300 students two months ago, they recently kidnapped 27 students, 3 teachers and 12 parents from a school in central Nigeria, intimidating the continuing of education.

January 2021

December 2020

“Handcuff and Slaughter Them”

The terrorist organization, Boko Haram, slaughtered 43 farmers and wounded 6 others, who were working to feed their children, near the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri two days ago, based on an adopted policy to "handcuff and slaughter them."

November 2020

Attacks on Places of Worship in Africa

In one week, gunmen attacked a mosque in Guagua De-Sapo, Nigeria, and kidnapped many hostages, and ISIS targeted a church in Kivu, Congo and killed 19 people, as part of a series of attacks on places of worship in Africa that show terrorism has no religion.

October 2020

The Plight of Kaduna Muslims

One hundred Muslim leaders in Nigeria expressed, through a joint statement, that the sectarian attacks against Muslims in Kaduna aim to eliminate their presence, requesting to globally publicize their predicament and correct misleading information.

February 2020

Boko Haram Victims

President Mohammed Bukhari of Nigeria revealed in an article in the American newspaper Christianity Today that 90% of the Boko Haram victims during the past years were Muslims. It targeted the vulnerable, attacked mosques, and kidnapped Muslim women.

September 2019

The Abuja National Mosque

The Abuja National Mosque, the official mosque in Nigeria, built in an Arab-African architecture style in 1984 that accommodates 15,000 worshippers, can be seen from various areas of Abuja due to its high-rise minarets and its shining golden dome.

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