June 2020

December 2019

Islam Is the Fastest Growing Religion in Norway

According to the Norwegian Statistics Authority, Islam has become the fastest growing religion in Norway. It recorded a growth rate of 90% from 2009 to 2019, with a number of Muslims amounting to 175 thousand people. Islam is the second largest religion in Norway‬

Dedicating 10 Thousand Copies of the Holy Quran

3 Norwegian Islamic institutions will be distributing to citizens in various cities of Norway 10,000 copies of the Holy Quran, the meanings of which have been translated into many languages. They aim to introduce the Norwegian audience to Islam and its teachings.

A Civilized Response to Extremism

Muslims of Norway held Quran recitations in the streets of Kristiansand, in response to the "Quran-burning" by the extremist group SIAN. Norwegians came to declare their solidarity and stood listening to the Holy Quran with humility and respect.

August 2019

The Hero of Norway

Mohamed Rafiq, a refugee, became a symbol of courage and sacrifice in Norway after he prevented a terrorist from shooting Muslim worshippers praying for Eid Al-Adha near Oslo. He prevented what could have possibly become another Muslim massacre.   https://youtu.be/gT8xF-GSvwU    

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