September 2021

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January 2021

ISIS Is Still Alive

The terrorist group ISIS insists on proving its presence by committing bloody crimes that leave behind many victims, the most recent being an attack on a mine in Pakistan that resulted in the death of 11 workers. Action is needed to permanently destroy ISIS.

March 2020

January 2020

Rosie Gabrielle Converts to Islam

The Canadian traveler and adventurer, Rosie Gabrielle, announced her conversion to Islam after her visit to Pakistan, stating that she found peace and love in Islam. She asked her followers to learn about Islam and revealed her plans to perform Hajj next year.

November 2019

Religious Tolerance Corridor in Pakistan

In an internationally welcomed step, Pakistan has opened a corridor allowing Indian Sikhs to visit a sacred temple in Kartapur, Pakistan. After a period of tension with India, the aim was to emphasize the principle of mutual respect and religious tolerance.

October 2019

‪Badshahi Mosque

‪Badshahi Mosque, the most prominent archaeological landmark in Lahore, Pakistan, was built in 1673 and was the largest mosque in the world at the time! It can accommodate 150,000 worshippers, and receives thousands of tourists every year.

September 2019

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