September 2021

Muslim youth and social networks

Social media apps and websites saw a considerable surge in Muslim youth users this year amid national and international lockdowns. Muslims used SM to share their ideas, beliefs and culture, with ramadan, eidmubarak and hajj being the most popular hashtags.

March 2021

France Bans Halal Slaughter of Poultry

  Several mosques in France criticized the new regulations set by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food to ban the slaughter of poultry in line with Islamic principles, as it "sends a negative message to the Muslim community in the country ahead of Ramadan."

May 2020

Muslims of Dearborn, U.S.A

Muslims in Dearborn,Michigan are one of the largest Muslim communities in America, famous for spreading tolerance among different religions. During this year's Ramadan, they dedicated their charitable work to a specific category that combats the Corona virus.

April 2020

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