October 2021

Building mosques in South Korea

The Muslim population in South Korea has exceeded 260,000 Muslims over the past five years due to the tolerance and coexistence there. However, spreading hate speech recently made the lives of Muslims more difficult, especially regarding building mosques. https://youtu.be/Z0WA0etB228

May 2021

January 2020

Muslim Tourists in South Korea

After a million Muslim tourists visited cities in South Korea in 2018, such as Busan, they decided to establish more halal restaurants, build prayer rooms, hold seminars to introduce Islamic culture, and provide all amenities for Muslim tourists.

November 2019

Kim Jae-hwan’s Conversion to Islam

The South Korean singer Kim Jae-hwan’s announcement of his conversion to Islam was a surprise for his followers around the world. Kim spent a period of time studying Islam after he had witnessed the morals of Muslims during a concert in Indonesia.

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