February 2021

A Muslim heads Harvard’s law magazine

Selecting “Hassan Al-Shahawy”, a Muslim of Egyptian origins, as the editor-in-chief of Harvard’s law magazine was widely praised. “Al-Shahawy” is specialized in Islamic studies, reflecting diversity in selection. “Harvard described him as “a smart humble young man”

Islam Day in Poland

Although Muslims in Poland are less than 1% of the population, they have a presence in religious circles that spread coexistence. Showing their appreciation of Islam, the Polish Catholic church celebrate "Islam Day" January 26th of every year.

January 2021

Escaping War

Fatima is an elderly woman who has lived away from her land and relatives for many years as a result of displacement. A film from Sudan shows how armed conflict turns women into its first and most affected victims.

December 2020

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The Story of Roger II with the Muslims

Roger II, King of Sicily in the 12th century AD, was known for his close relationship with Arabs and Muslims scholars. It reflected a state of coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Sicily, in a period marked by turmoil within Europe.

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