November 2020

Prejudice Against Muslims

After the Nice Attack, Muslims of France were blamed for every crime even before the details were revealed. The strongest evidence of this is found in the Avignon and Lyon incidents, which showed that Muslims were victims, not perpetrators.

Violence Against Women

Statistics show that one out of three women is subjected to physical violence during her lifetime, which makes Violence Against Women one of the most chronic global crises. Islam addressed this issue by highlighting the social and psychological rights of women.

Muslims Are Buried in Japan

About 230,000 Muslims in Japan face an unconventional crisis, represented in the scarcity and erosion of places where it is permitted to bury their dead according to Islamic law. This forces them to resort to church or temple graves to bury their deceased relatives.

Educating Children in Times of Conflict

Official statistics show that nearly 12 million children in the world are deprived of their right to education due to conflict and poverty. Hundreds of schools are closed annually in areas of conflict due to deliberate attacks on educational institutions.

October 2020

Violating the Rights of Muslims in Poland

Foreign Policy magazine said Poland appears to be applying the controversial "anti-terrorism" law only to Muslim immigrants deporting them instantly upon mere suspicion, without giving them the right to defend themselves or know the accusations held against them!

Game Plan Project

Some entities in New Zealand are preparing to participate in the Game Plan project, which was launched to encourage Muslims to integrate into the Christchurch society through sports and to encourage New Zealand sports institutions to welcome Muslims to their ranks.

Fascist Police in Europe

The security services in Europe are facing a major crisis after discovering that some of their security personnel belong to fascists and Nazis, who are planning to commit violent acts against Muslims and immigrants. How will Europe address this dangerous crisis?

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Islam and Hinduism in Bangladesh

The Sawt Alhikma Center kicks off the Alhikma films campaign with a documentary from Bangladesh about students of an Islamic school in Chittagong who formed a human chain to protect the Hindu temple adjacent to their school from attacks.

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