September 2021

Economic boycott of Indian Muslims

Far-right extremists coordinated a campaign on social networks and TV channels, calling for an economic boycott of Muslims in all states of India. Analysts warned of the serious consequences of such calls on India’s economy which is already suffering due to the pandemic.

August 2021

A Hijab-wearing football team

International media have highlighted a women’s football team in France, which is struggling against a ban imposed by the French Federation on Hijab in stadiums, in violation of the FIFA’s ban lift, and despite the absence of an official law to justify the ban.

An attempt to Judaize the Ibrahimi Mosque

The occupied city of Al-Khalil in Palestine witnessed widespread protests in the past days after the occupation authorities began a controversial operation to renovate the Ibrahimi Mosque, while the Palestinians say it is a new attempt to Judaize the mosque.

Religious tolerance in the workplace

“Employment of Muslims threatens economic gains,” a rumor that has spread for years in the private sector in the West and caused Muslims to suffer discrimination and exclusion. This video shows who loses the most due to the lack of tolerance in the workplace.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics veiled athletes

Dozens of veiled Muslim athletes made a remarkable presence at Tokyo 2020 Olympics after their distinguished performance, which enabled them to step on the podiums and win medals, in practical response to the claim that the hijab hinders women’s success.

The future of Islamic banking

Recent studies and surveys have revealed that the Islamic banking market has enjoyed greater growth over the past years in various countries of the world, even in non-Islamic countries, what contributed to a rise in assets, with many young people adopting it.

Cryptocurrency and terrorism

Terrorists have always sought to finance their criminal activities secretly, which they found in cryptocurrencies as they provide a fertile environment for those who work outside the framework of the law. Have the cons of cryptocurrencies overweighed their pros?!

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