January 2020

Muslims and Australian Fires

Large numbers of Muslims in Australia took the initiative to provide support and assistance to firefighters and victims in areas affected by forest fires that devoured 6 million acres of land. Their honorable actions showed their belief in the teachings of Islam.

December 2019

Terrorism Resorts to SoundCloud!

Press reports revealed that extremist groups recently resorted to the SoundCloud platform as an alternative to other platforms that are banning the circulation of their terrorist messages. They took advantage of its security holes to spread their extremist ideas.

Islam Guide for Australian Youth

The Australian Council of Imams recently issued a new guide to provide a brief explanation and correct misconceptions about Islam for Muslim youth in Australia, in an attempt to address false information that circulate the Internet and are issued by non-specialists.

Muslim Conditions in Belgium

Els Keytsman, Director of the Unia Center for combating racism, said that Muslims have been living in difficult conditions in Belgium since the 2016 Brussels bombings, for their chances of obtaining housing or employment have decreased significantly.

Muslim Soldiers of the First World War

The Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation in Belgium has revealed the role of Muslim soldiers who participated in the First World War. The foundation seeks to address the increasing hostility towards Western Muslims by publishing stories about their heroic acts.

The Dream of Building 100 Mosques

The story of the Muslim Indian, Mohammed Aamir, reveals the transformation from an extremist Hindu who demolishes mosques to a tolerant Muslim who seeks to build 100 mosques in India. He wants to spread the teachings of Islam and the values ​​of coexistence.

How Do You Face Hate Attacks?

The reaction of both victims and witnesses to hate crimes and Islamophobia determines how widely these attacks spread. This prompted the Australian The Conversation website to publish advice on how to deal with such crimes, which may eventually deter the aggressors.

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