March 2020

The First Mosque in Slovenia

Muslims opened their first mosque in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, after waiting for 50 years. The mosque, which cost 34 million euros, includes a lecture hall, an educational center, library and sports field, as well as a 40-meter-high minaret and an impressive blue dome.

February 2020

No Place for Intolerance in Australia

A police officer in Australia faces public demands to be sacked from the New South Wales police, after he appeared in a video berating two Muslim women. The NSW residents launched an electronic petition with thousands of signatures calling for his termination.

Muslim Descentants of Andalusia

‪Lisbon’s Central Mosque’s imam, David Munir, renewed the demands of the Muslim community in Andulsia, Portugal, to grant Muslim descendants, who were expelled from Portugal, the right to citizenship just as Jews were granted that right by the government in 2015.

Street Art

In the past decade, graffiti emerged as a new art form, associated with advocating for causes. A film by Sawt Alhikma reveals how fanatics have transformed this art form to a tool for spreading hate!

January 2020

“Inshallah” in Duden’s Dictionary

Social networks celebrated the addition of the phrase "Inshallah" to the German dictionary, Duden, due to its widespread use, but the dictionary revealed a surprising fact about this Islamic phrase and others that entered German thanks to Arabs and Muslims.

Muslims and Australian Fires

Large numbers of Muslims in Australia took the initiative to provide support and assistance to firefighters and victims in areas affected by forest fires that devoured 6 million acres of land. Their honorable actions showed their belief in the teachings of Islam.

December 2019

Terrorism Resorts to SoundCloud!

Press reports revealed that extremist groups recently resorted to the SoundCloud platform as an alternative to other platforms that are banning the circulation of their terrorist messages. They took advantage of its security holes to spread their extremist ideas.

Islam Guide for Australian Youth

The Australian Council of Imams recently issued a new guide to provide a brief explanation and correct misconceptions about Islam for Muslim youth in Australia, in an attempt to address false information that circulate the Internet and are issued by non-specialists.

Muslim Conditions in Belgium

Els Keytsman, Director of the Unia Center for combating racism, said that Muslims have been living in difficult conditions in Belgium since the 2016 Brussels bombings, for their chances of obtaining housing or employment have decreased significantly.

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Muslim Map of Poland

A Polish couple has launched an interactive map that focuses on all aspects of Islamic culture in Poland and the history of Muslims in many Polish cities, to provide for the Poles accurate information about Muslims rather than the misconceptions spread about them.

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