June 2021

May 2021

Investing in Islamophobia

Islamophobia as a means of making a profit! This is what some popular war video games are doing through exploiting Islamophobia to achieve success. A Motion video produced by Sawt Alhikma sheds light on the phenomenon of "Investing in Islamophobia" and how to address it. https://youtu.be/wPGt8Vfsj6c

April 2021

March 2021

Muslim Children Suffer in Austria

Recent press reports revealed that dozens of Muslim children in Austria are still suffering from PTSD, as a result of raids carried out by the police on 70 Muslim homes last November, which caused significant psychological and health damages to the children.

“Drinking Water Is not a Crime”

A Hindu temple in Ghaziabad, India, witnessed a shocking incident after a disciple of the head priest’s assaulted a Muslim boy for drinking water from the temple’s tap, prompting police to arrest the aggressor and the person who recorded the video of the assault.

February 2021

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