January 2022

December 2021

A call to save the Delhi Jama Masjid

 Jama Masjid Advisory Council in Delhi, India has called for prompt action to save the 362-year-old mosque after it was severely damaged during the past years, considering the government's neglect of its restoration and conservation. https://youtu.be/ktmkkGJST4o

November 2021

Women make peace in Nigeria

Women's Interfaith Council (WIC) in Nigeria has been awarded the Aachen Peace Prize for its work in the Nigerian state of Kaduna, separated by sectarian conflicts, where Christian and Muslim women stand together for peaceful coexistence and mutual respect. https://youtu.be/WxJ4lGW2KCY

ISIS takes revenge on its old followers

Media reports revealed that the rate of murders inside northeast Syria’s al-Hol camp, amounted to one murder per thousand people, after ISIS began a series of revenge killings of its old followers to prove its power and intolerance with those who abandoned it. https://youtu.be/3eLdx7tnwCA

The future of ISIS in West Africa

The killing of 3 ISIS leaders in West Africa within two months raised questions about the extent to which this would lead to the final elimination of ISIS. However, experts believe that this is not enough, and an urgent next step is required. So, what is that step? https://youtu.be/z87i--iKGNU

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