November 2021

October 2021

What is happening in Kashmir?

Social networks witnessed widespread calls for solidarity with Muslims of Kashmir, after India had launched arrests campaign, in conjunction with attacks and counterattacks that killed 28 people, most of them are Muslims. So, what is happening in Kashmir?

Muslim university students in the UK

The UK government’s "Student Loans System" is facing criticism for being discriminatory against Muslims, as it offers loans with interest forbidden in Islam, which leads many Muslims to reject it and become unable to attend university in the absence of alternatives.

ISIS Finance Minister Captured

The arrest of ISIS Finance Minister Sami al-Juburi dealt a severe blow to the organization's funding sources, as he played a vital role in the group's survival so far, while analysts believe that his arrest will hinder the group’s struggles to re-emerge forever.

The «dark web»

The websites we browse daily make up only 4% of the internet, while the remaining part form what is known as the «deep web», and its most dangerous part is the «dark web». This video shows what the dark web is and how it has become a key tool for terrorism.

Building mosques in South Korea

The Muslim population in South Korea has exceeded 260,000 Muslims over the past five years due to the tolerance and coexistence there. However, spreading hate speech recently made the lives of Muslims more difficult, especially regarding building mosques.

September 2021

Islamophobia and artificial intelligence

Researchers at Stanford University, USA, found that AI systems used in generating written content produce highly racist texts against Muslims and adopt Islamophobic discourses. The researchers called for refining these systems or they will get out of control.

Muslims in Chile

Recent social studies said that the practices of Muslims in Chile and their charitable and community activities contributed to increasing their presence and numbers, in the light of the low rates of Islamophobia and the spread of a positive view of Muslims.

Tears of a British Muslim MP

British Muslim MP Zara Sultana gave a moving, tearful speech at the Parliament about racism against Muslims and what she has faced because of being a Muslim woman, criticizing the "official disregard" for Islamophobia, which contributes to spreading hatred.

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