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February 2021

ISIS Still Threatens Iraq

Study made by the European Center for Counterterrorism revealed the military operations conducted by the international community didn't achieve its goal of wiping out ISIS in Iraq, pointing that the recent crimes committed by ISIS prove they are still a threat.

The Fraternal Conference in Sudan

The Sudanese capital Khartoum witnessed a first of its kind forum called "The Fraternal Conference to Empower Tolerance and Social Peace". It included leaders of different religions and aimed at paving a new way for religious coexistence in Sudan.

the Muslims of “Fort McMurray”

The local community of the town of Fort McMurray in Canada praised their Muslim neighbours for giving out food baskets to those who suffered financially due to the lockdown. Despite the cold weather, 100 Muslims delivered food to the houses of those in need.

Islam Day in Poland

Although Muslims in Poland are less than 1% of the population, they have a presence in religious circles that spread coexistence. Showing their appreciation of Islam, the Polish Catholic church celebrate "Islam Day" January 26th of every year.

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