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May 2020

Muslim Women in Scotland

Statistics show that three quarters of Muslim women in Scotland suffered due to Islamophobia, and that the majority of them were subjected to verbal abuse or discrimination in the workplace, educational institutions, and public places due to wearing Hijab.

Mobile Bimaristan (Infographic)

Historians believe that Muslims were the first to use mobile Bimaristans (hospitals), or the first ambulances, to treat patients in countries where epidemics appeared or patients who were unable to commute to where the Bimaristans were located.

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Muhammad Asad.. How did they convert to Islam?

Muhammad Asad was born in Austria in 1990 to a Jewish family and named Leopold Weiss. He studied philosophy and arts at the University of Vienna, and he worked and excelled in journalism before being invited to join relatives in Jerusalem.

Muslims of Dearborn, U.S.A

Muslims in Dearborn,Michigan are one of the largest Muslim communities in America, famous for spreading tolerance among different religions. During this year's Ramadan, they dedicated their charitable work to a specific category that combats the Corona virus.

Franck Ribéry.. How Did They Convert to Islam?

Frank Henry Ribéry was born in 1983 in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. He showed a talent for football at the age of 7, so his father enrolled him in a local football club. He went on to become one of the most prominent players in France.

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