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January 2020

Muslims and Australian Fires

Large numbers of Muslims in Australia took the initiative to provide support and assistance to firefighters and victims in areas affected by forest fires that devoured 6 million acres of land. Their honorable actions showed their belief in the teachings of Islam.

Patience and tolerance

Islam supported the spread of friendliness and forbade cruelty in our relationships with one another, for they considered good treatment a sign of the strength of faith. When the Prophet (PBUH) was asked: “Which faith is better?” He said: "Patience and tolerance."

A Victory for an American Muslim Employee

A fast food restaurant in Texas, USA, apologized to a Muslim employee and returned her to work after they fired her for refusing to take off her hijab. A video documenting the incident showed the impact of social media in defending religious freedom.

Muslims in Luxembourg

An opinion poll revealed that the 20,000 Muslims in Luxembourg have succeeded in integrating into society, despite the prevalence of Islamophobia. They didn’t respond to provocation and showed the true face of Islam through coexistence and neighborliness.‬

Petersburg Mosque in Russia

It was forbidden to pray in ‪the St. Petersburg Mosque in Russia, the largest mosque in Europe, for nearly 16 years. Built in 1913, the mosque is characterized by its blue mosaic dome. It now accomodates nearly 5000 worshippers.‬

YouTube Fights Extremism

‪A recent study revealed that YouTube has succeeded during the past months in removing videos that incite extremism and hatred or incite against minorities, but the site's algorithms erred and removed positive clips discussing these issues and their solutions.‬

December 2019

Un politicien néerlandais incite à la haine

Le député néerlandais d’extrême droite Geert Wilders a relancé un concours de caricatures du prophète (PSL), plus d’un an après avoir annulé sa première tentative suite à des critiques à son encontre pour avoir incité et cultivé la haine entre les religions.

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