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July 2020

Door of the Holy Kaaba (Infographic)

The current door of the Kaaba is one of the most prominent examples of Islamic art produced in the modern era, and the most valuable in terms of art and spirituality. Its golden color captivates the heart of anyone who sees it.

Test Questions that Offend Islam

An American Muslim student filed a lawsuit in Arizona against his college and political science professor after he was shocked by the test questions that offend Islam and link it to terrorism. Which is more important: academic freedom or respect for religions

Racial Harmony Day in Singapore

Schools in Singapore holds a unique celebration on this day of each year. Children wear traditional outfits of religious denominations other than their own to commemorate Racial Harmony Day. Learn about how Singapore celebrates this day in this video.

Burmese Muslim U Razak

Myanmar celebrates Martyrs' Day on July 19th each year to commemorate the leaders who were killed in 1947. Among the founders of modern Myanmar was a Muslim leader who died before fulfilling his dream of building a society based on coexistence between Muslims and Buddhists.

Charity from Punjab Muslims to a Sikh Temple

Muslims in Malerkotla in the Indian state of Punjab donated 330 kantars of wheat to a charitable kitchen of a Sikh temple. On this occasion, the temple provided free food to people regardless of their religion and color; Muslims supported their societal mission.

Islam in British Universities (Infographic)

Several British universities witnessed a debate about equality and non-discrimination between students on the basis of religion, after a study revealed that anti-terrorism policies within universities marginalize Muslim students and limit their right to freedom of expression.

Escaping Ethnic Cleansing

A few days ago, Rakhine State residents in Myanmar were warned of the army's plans to carry out an ethnic cleansing operation against Rohingya Muslim minorities, which forced at least 10,000 people to flee their homes before the widespread violence arrived.

Countless Graces

Interpreters say that Allah uses the Arabic word for “grace” in the singular instead of plural form to stress how people wouldn't be able to thank Him for only one blessing. This drives people to reflect on the magnitude of Allah's graces that they barely notice.

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