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November 2020

Brutal Attack in Jeddah

The terrorist attack that occurred in a non-Muslim cemetery in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shows that terrorism does not represent Islam or any religious values. Islam emphasizes the sanctity and dignity of the living and the dead regardless of religion.

Violence Against Women

Statistics show that one out of three women is subjected to physical violence during her lifetime, which makes Violence Against Women one of the most chronic global crises. Islam addressed this issue by highlighting the social and psychological rights of women.

ISIS in Mozambique

The ISIS criminals slaughtered 50 people in the Muslim-majority province of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique, in a soccer field they turned into an execution square. The extremist group fights over the wealth of the country rich in rubies and gas with horrific attacks.

The First Friday Prayer in Athens

Despite the disruption by the Extreme Right, the first Friday prayer was held in the first mosque of Athens, Greece, last week. With an area of 850 square meters, it accommodates 350 people, but a limited number of people was allowed due to social distancing.

The Prevalence of Islam in Europe (Infographic)

A recent study suggested that many European countries may become Muslim majority within the next 200 years, as a result of the rise in the Muslim birth rate and the increase in refugee migration, but that depends on the ability of Muslims to coexist and integrate into their European societies and achieve lasting stability.

Negative Consequences of the Nice Attack

The Nice Attack reveals that Muslims are the most affected by terrorism, as European countries began deporting immigrants from the Middle East. Western countries advised their Muslim citizens to avoid going to specific countries in Europe for fear of harassment.

Attacks on Places of Worship in Africa

In one week, gunmen attacked a mosque in Guagua De-Sapo, Nigeria, and kidnapped many hostages, and ISIS targeted a church in Kivu, Congo and killed 19 people, as part of a series of attacks on places of worship in Africa that show terrorism has no religion.

Muslims Are Buried in Japan

About 230,000 Muslims in Japan face an unconventional crisis, represented in the scarcity and erosion of places where it is permitted to bury their dead according to Islamic law. This forces them to resort to church or temple graves to bury their deceased relatives.

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Prejudice Against Muslims

After the Nice Attack, Muslims of France were blamed for every crime even before the details were revealed. The strongest evidence of this is found in the Avignon and Lyon incidents, which showed that Muslims were victims, not perpetrators.

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